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Our products are specifically manufactured with the application in mind.
If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact our Sales Department.

Self Adhesive Labels

Labels come in various size, shape & substrates. These are used for school - Bar Code Labels, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, Beer, Vinyls, Holograms, etc


Various Industry needs high quality self adhesive material. Rubber, Automotive, Packaging, Pharmaceutial, Brewery, etc have to use high quality carrier (Release paper) for their self adhesive applications


A Tape is a product manufactured using a substrate & adhesive. The product fails if it is not supported by a suitable carrier until its final application.

Food Packaging

How many times do you eat your Burger, Pastry, Pizza & do not appreciate the wrapper which comes with it ? This wrapper has helped the product reach you with its freshness retained. These wrappers are Silicone coated !


A Bandage, plaster, Sanitary Napkin are all no good without a good Release Liner !


A product is sold by its packaging. A Label, Bar code, Tamper evident seal informs you about the product & protects it from duplications.